How to care for your Wristory®…


  • Gently pull the sides of the bangle to open your Wristory. Snapping the sides open will wedge the link to your charm and it will wear down over time.
  • Wipe your Wristory with a clean, soft jewelry cloth that does not contain any chemicals.
  • Use warm water and a mild soap to clean excessive dirt and wipe with a clean soft cloth afterward.
  • Wear many Wristory bracelets on one wrist for the stacked look.
  • Wear Wristory Burnished Bronze and Wristory Galleon Silver together along with any of your favorite bracelets.
  • Wear your Wristory on a first date – your date will be impressed with your style and grace!

Don’t !!

  • Do not wear your Wristory bracelets while operating any machinery. Safety first!
  • Most of all…….DON’T pull too hard on the sides of your Wristory to open it. This will quickly wear down and open the link to your main charm and you will lose it!
  • Don’t let your Wristory come in contact with soaps or abrasive cleansers
  • It is not advised to wear Wristory in the shower or doing dishes.
  • If you dip your Wristory in salsa, please don’t eat it!