About Wristory

After spending many hours (OK, days…weeks) in tasting rooms throughout Napa and across the country, I found that I had collected enough corkscrews and wine gadgets to fill a wine barrel, (or at least a kitchen drawer) and I was looking for another way to commemorate my wine tasting adventures and great times with friends.

WRISTORY custom winery bracelets represent your wine experiences with good friends and is something you can talk about, show and share, long after the tasting room closes. It is a bond between you, your close friends and the wine you love. There is no better way to remember all the good times you had in wine country.

WRISTORY bracelets are designed by each winery to represent their story, their history and their heritage. These custom winery bracelets are sold only in their tasting rooms, and the various wine country designs are sold in local boutiques and stores.